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 "EPM" Envision Pest Management is your trusted source for all your pest control needs, specializing in bed bug heat treatments & wildlife management.  We are a locally owned & operated business with over "10" years experience, and we are proud to serve our community.  At "EPM"  we offer stead-fast, friendly service. Our focus is on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.
"Insects play an important role in our earth's eco-system, but when insects invade your world and become is time for action."
With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
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What types of locations are we treating for bed bugs?  The list continues to grow --- single-family homes, college dorm rooms, apartments, condominiums, motels and hotels. 
But the "not so common" locations include public libraries, hospital waiting rooms, hospital rooms, nursing homes, medical and dental offices, cruise ships, airplanes, movie theaters, retail stores, office buildings, buses, trains, fire departments and public administration offices.

While we know bed bugs can get into and hide in the tiniest of places, some of the more unusual hiding locations recently reported include inside the nooks and crannies of kitchen sponges, inside the child proof cap of prescription medicine containers, in a baseball glove, in a child's school backpack, in airport shuttle vans/buses, in a wheelchair, in a backyard dog house and in a dental bridge/set of false teeth. 

Unfortunately, bed bugs cannot be eradicated easily.  People tend to spend hundreds of dollars on chemicals that are not effective on killing them all.  Then they call us.

So call us today to effectively eradicate these blood-thirsty pests once and for all!!  402-502-7800

 "EPM's" 5 Steps:
1) Inspection-
This is a critical first step that, when performed correctly and with diligence, will get your pesty problem under control. You are sure to get the results that we guarantee. In this phase,"EPM" will send out a Pest Management Professional to assess your home's risk of infestation. The PMP will identify any existing pests and note cracks, and crevices and other points of entry into your home. He will uncover potential food sources, and look for signs of existing pest activity. From this your PMP will develop a prevention plan that can drastically reduce your home's susceptibility to invasion.
2) Removal of food and harborage-
In a chemically oriented approach to pest control, all other steps to discourage and control infestations are ignored in favor of introducing large amounts of pesticide into the environment. In an effective "EPM's" (green approach) program, however, pests are first discouraged by creating an environment unsuitable for them. This means removing food and water supply sources (including leaky pipes), compost sites, general yard debris, accessible pet food, garbage and other food sources.
3) Exclusion-
 During the inspection process, your PMP will identify specific areas of vulnerability to pest invasion and create a customized plan for controlling and eliminating any problems without introducing unneccessary chemicals and hazards. Your PMP will maintain a vigilant effort to remove or seal points of entry into your home and keep them sealed. He will help you identify situations such as high moisture areas, overhanging branches or debris piles-which could attract pests or provide pathways into your home. This ongoing service has a major impact on keeping your home from becoming an attractive living site for insects, termites, bedbugs and other pests.
4) Judicious usage of pesticides-
Even after a thorough assessment of conditions, development of a management plan and creation of a "pest proofing" program, there may be the need to eliminate an existing infestation. Because at"EPM" pesticide product application is just one part of an effective multifaceted program, it can be performed with restraint and focus. this means only those pesticides necessary to address your specific problem will be used only in the locations and quantities necessary. And as much as possible, these products will be specially selected for lower toxicity to people, pets, non-target pests and the environment in general.
5) Monitoring-
"EPM's"  final step is an ongoing monitoring program to ensure that your home maintains conditions that discourage pests and to identify the presence of pests before they become full-blown infestations.
Serving Omaha, Ne. and surrounding areas
Phone: 402-502-7800
Fax: Upon request
We will be accepting and responding to 24 hr. emergency calls through the remainder of the year.
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