Cockroach & Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Omaha, NE & Surrounding Areas

If you're concerned that your home or commercial property may be infested with bed bugs or cockroaches, it's important to take action as soon as possible. At Envision Pest Control & Wildlife Management we take our responsibilities seriously, and we'll use strategies and techniques that are effective in cleansing your belongings and removing bed bugs from your place.

How To Know If You Have Bed Bugs

Do you suspect that you room has been invaded by bed bugs? If you have bed bug bites, it’s important that these pesky bugs are eliminated. Please see the signs below of a possible bed bug infestation:
  • Blood stains appear on your clothing and sheets
  • Bed bug exoskeletons, shells or skins are present
  • Fecal stains are found on your sheets and mattress
Three bed bugs and its egg —  pest control  in Omaha, NE
How do you know the difference between blood stains and bed bug fecal stains? Bed bug fecal stains occur after the host’s blood has already been digested. These fecal stains will often look like a stain or smear on your sheets or mattress. If you see a clear shell, that is the bed bug’s exoskeleton. The shell is shed when the bed bug grows.

Get Rid of Those Pesky Bed Bugs

Instead of relying solely on residual chemicals that have to be continuously applied through several gestation cycles, we use heat treatment, which involves specially designed propane heaters and fans. Since bed bugs often reside in the cracks and crevices surrounding a bed, this is a method that can ensure that each inch of your space receives the proper attention.
If there are any signs at all, you should have your property inspected, and once again, it is necessary to hire our pest control professionals. If you have pets or children around, you can rest assured knowing that we offer environmentally friendly pest solutions.

Be Prepared For Your Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Please take a look at our bed bug heat treatment prep form before your service.
We also offer a wide range of pest control services and assistance related to wildlife management. Our service areas include all of the communities surrounding Omaha, NE.
Bed bug —  pest control  in Omaha, NE

Signs of a Bed Bug Bite

Many people bitten by bed bugs don’t realize that they have been bitten. These bites can commonly be mistaken for other bug bites or even a rash. Look out for these symptoms and signs of possible bed bug bites:
  • Bite rash in a localized area
  • Multiple bites in a straight line
  • Itching & burning of bites
  • Red welts, raised
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